Thursday, March 25, 2010

Met with my Dietitian today!

I had a great visit with my dietitian today, I see her every 2 months. Since the last time I saw her I lost 19 pounds so she was super proud of me. Honestly she has helped me so much. She is helping me stay on a structured food plan but at the same time teaching me everything I need to know so that one day I can do it all on my own. She had me eating 2500 calories when I started with her back in September 2009. Two months ago she dropped me down to 2250 calories and today she dropped me down to 2050 calories a day. Probably gonna stay at 2050 for awhile.

Anyways she showed me this book called "cook this not that" written by the same guy who wrote "eat this not that". Looks like a great book, everyone should check it out!

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Pia said...

Congrats on the loss this far, and on doing so well :-)