Friday, April 9, 2010

I hate eating out as a overweight person!

So I really hate eating at sit down restaurants. First of all when I walk in I feel like everyone is looking at me, when in reality they are not, but its just that my social awkwardness that takes over! Also I loathe places that have those small ass booths! Its so embarrassing when the hostess walks you over to your table and the booth is just a little too small! I mean OK, its not the restaurants fault that I am a large person, but at the same time lots of people are large these days! Also hate restaurants that cement their booth tables into the ground! When you do that you cant move them to make a little more room for yourself! I am just ranting, I am glad my weight is coming down, soon I wont ever have to worry about where I sit in a restaurant.


Sharon said...

I can relate about sitting at the booths! I also have these boobs that need to fit in with me and not rest on the table lol ( I hope that wasn't TMI) You are doing great, and soon it won't be an issue for you, but it will be an issue for someone. Restaurants should be more aware of these issues!

Paula said...

I can also relate. Only until recently have I felt comfortable sitting at a booth. Last weekend I heard a man telling his son not to eat pancakes cause he was gunna blow up. The kid was 10 maybe and not fat AT ALL! I was afraid to get up and pay the check thinking he would say, Look fat like her!