Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sending your kids down a broken road....

PARENTS WAKE UP!!!!!! I look at kids today and see them eating themselves into a life of misery. Haven't you guys noticed the huge increase in obese guys in the last 10 years?? I am one of those obese kids. If you have read my previous posts then you know that I came from a broken home which resulted in me turning to food to heal my wounds. This behavior is debilitating, it only leads to ONE thing which is more pain!
So the purpose of this post is to discuss things that I see wrong in the world today when it comes to parents,kids,and food.

1. Parents if your kids have been through any kind of life changing experience such as divorce, death of a loved one, emotional abuse, or physical abuse then please realize that these things WILL affect your children. They might not act different, they might tell you they are OK, they might act as if nothing has happened at all, but its your duty to take the precautions anyway! My parents had a nasty divorce, it scarred me for life! It caused me to eat my way into a 480 pound body. Did my parents realize that I was gaining weight at an unhealthy rate? I am sure they did. Did they try to stop it? Yeah sure they did, they tried to feed me healthy foods from time to time. But they never tried to find the real reason why I was gaining weight. Maybe they were in denial? Maybe they knew but were scared of the guilt they would feel. I dunno why they didn't do the things they needed to do, but I do know that they didn't get me the help I needed. I urge all parents to please watch your kids! And I don't mean just watch what they eat, not all people turn to food for comfort, some will turn to drugs,sex,alcohol etc. If you notice something going on with your kids don't be afraid to step up and fight for them. Get them the help they need, even if it means exposing yourself as a parent. You are the only line of defense for your children, they need you even when they think they don't. Luckily I was strong enough to turn my life around on my own, but I can assure you that not everyone can do that.

2.Teach your kids to cook! At least the basics! Its pretty sad when I meet people my age who can barely make eggs. Of course when you don't know how to cook you would much rather prefer to eat take out, which will most likely be a plate filled with an extreme amount of bad calories. Start teaching them when they are young. You teach them how to brush their teeth, comb their hair, clean their rooms, tie their shoes and etc etc, all these things follow them the rest of their lives. Why not teach them how to make healthy food choices? Or how to cook some simple food items at home? Wouldn't it be to their advantage to carry these skills with them throughout their lives? Think about it people...


Sharon B. said...

I agree with you 100%!

Sarah V. said...

I also came from a broken home. I never learned to cook until I was married at age 22, and at 24 I'm still learning. Its a struggle. I understand completely about turning to food for comfort, only I was a yo-yo girl. I would eat and eat to gain weight, and then starve for months to lose it. Often times I only ate one meal a day, and I lived on diet pills. I finally wised up when I got pregnant with my daughter and gained 70 pounds (It was swelling from toxemia.) After she was born I decided I would get healthy the right way. I've now been on weight watchers for 6 weeks, and I take her for walks often. I even work out from time to time lol.

Growing up I was never taught about being healthy. I thought I could eat anything and always be thin. I grew up making whatever canned food we had in the cupboard, unless it was the weekend in which case we had grilled meat. I'm glad I've learned the right way, because now I can teach my 18 month old daughter the things I never got to learn.

You are 100% spot on with this blog! :)
-Sarah V.