Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stop dreaming and start running....

The other night I was on twitter and I tweeted that "it was my dream to run". A fellow tweeter responded with "Wake up and start living it" , which makes complete sense! That same night another fellow tweeter introduced me to the couch to 5k running program! That night I read over the program and found myself extremely excited! I couldn't wait to start it!

The next day I went to the gym as usual in the afternoon and planned on starting the program that night. I asked my sister who wants to lose about 20 lbs if she wanted to run the first night with me, she agreed but only if I would join her husband and her for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I reluctantly agreed, I figured I would find something healthy to eat at the restaurant.

Now trying to find healthy food at a Mexican restaurant is not easy!! Especially when all the bad stuff looks so good! But I didn't do to bad. I ordered chicken and shrimp fajitas. I told the waitress no cheese on the beans please and also do not cook my meat with any oil! NONE! She kinda looked at me weird and walked away lol. Few minutes later she came back over with the manager and he was like who ordered the fajitas. I was like me, he was like so what did you mean about the oil? I told him I want the meet cooked with no oil. Just throw it on the grill bare. He was like well we use butter, I was like no butter either!! He said are you sure, and I was like yes I am!

So the food came out and I ate half of the chicken and shrimp, i ate the little salad and guacamole that comes with it, and also ate the beans. I didn't touch the tortillas, sour cream, and rice. I was pretty proud of myself.

A few hours later me and my sister went outside and did Day 1 of the program, I had a side cramp the whole time but I fought thru. No way in hell was I gonna give up on the first night because of a cramp! I love the program so far, its only been one day but I really think I am going to enjoy it.

I urge everyone to at least take a look at it!


Jessica said...

Go you!! That's great about eating out and the program. <3

River said...

I wish I was strong enough to eat only half of anything! WOW

David H. said...

Nice job, although I have found Mexican to actually be one of the better places to eat out. While a lot of food in the restaurants are very high in sodium, salsa is one of the best foods you can eat. You can also get away with some nice high protein and high fiber meals too. Working out after eating Mexican is never fun, no matter what. :)