Thursday, May 13, 2010

Couch to 5K Update!

So I started out strong on the program, finished week 2 then I stopped. My knee was bothering me and I didn't want do any further damage to it. I mean I am still around 400 pounds so I could imagine the force of me running would take a toll on my already bad knees. Thankfully my sweet friend Becca gave me a new leg workout routine, and I can already tell my knees are getting stronger.

So the plan is to continue strengthening my knees and when I reach 375 pounds I will start the program again. I will be a runner one day, I wont give up on that aspiration. Thanks for all the support!


Heather Iacobacci-Miller said...

Gotta take care of those knees! Is it the knee cap or IT band? At least you're still doing something so kudos to you!

Cassie said...

Yes, be careful! One of the reasons I started on my journey (314 pounds) was because I was having bad knee pain. I focused on my eating first and getting some walking in.

I am only down 24 pounds or so and no longer have any knee pain. And can do the couch to 5K program.

Just give it some time, and take care of those knees!

146lbs said...

I'm having the same problem. I was doing fine walking, but whe I started jogging I ended up stressing my knees and now they're hurting. What does your leg routine consist of? I could really use something that helped my knees right now.

Allison said...

I happen to fall on your blog because I often look for new ways to push myself in the fitness domain and what a nice blog you have. Very inspirational! I often see the end result of how someone has achieved their goal but have never had the opportunity (privilege) to see/read it while it is happening. I personally am not in the same goal as you right now but believe me, I appreciate your efforts to take care of yourself. I'm more goal-oriented towards getting stronger for my sport which is dragon boat. That being said what struck big in this specific blog entry is that you have tried jogging and although it's hurt you haven't thrown in the towel for good. YES, it's important to not injure yourself further but I appreciate the fact that you way you will jog one day. Be it at 375lbs or another weight you will try it again and you will succeed. Be that for jogging, push-ups and even pull-ups, if we put our efforts and minds to it, it will happen one step at a time.