Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is it weird that I love yardwork?

What a day today! Woke up around 9am, had breakfast and took off to the gym. I busted out a quick 30 min on the treadmill and 30 min on the elliptical. Now in the past an hour of cardio would have me feeling like I wanted to limp home and pass out!! But now I feel like I can work out hard and still have enough energy do other things after I leave the gym. So after the gym I headed to my moms house, she called me last night and asked if I could come over and help her get some mulch and spread it. Now to most people that sounds like a chore, but to me it sounds like a fun workout! I love yard work, I find it relaxing!

So first thing we did was go get 2 cubic yards of mulch.

The plan was to spread it on the side of my moms house.

Before Pic:

After Pic:

This is another project I did for my mom last summer, we built a raised flower bed. We are in the process of making a lower flower bed in front of it.

This is me after working in the yard all day!

Working in the yard is a great workout, you don't have to be in a gym to burn those calories! You should try different activities in these warmer months such as hiking, walking outside, roller blading, biking, paddle boating, kayaking, swimming. You could also organize a big family athletic game such as soccer, football, softball, kickball, baseball, and my favorite volleyball. Or you could have a huge water balloon fight!! Bottom line is get outside and have some fun! Yes its hot outside but that's why we have water and ice so use it!



Danielle said...

It IS odd you enjoy yard work. I don't grow things. But it does look like a great day.

Mike said...

I don't like garden work. It seems like a boring frustrating job for me. As me to mow the lawn, or build something, GREAT! pull weeds and plant things, no thank you. I wouldn't mind spreading soil or mulch or something though.

I don't know if you can in your community or whatever, but get to know the neighborhood kids! They are so full of energy and they love to run circles around a grown up! They keep you moving, playing soe street football, having a catch, doing anything! Its fun, you're getting some omvement in and well, keep going till they're tired, thats a workout! haha!

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

Good job :-) That's why there are so many different people in the world. What comes easily to you is valuable to others...and vice versa.

Lesia said...

What a great blog post. The after shots were fabulous. Way to go Al. Great workout.

River said...

I might like yard work someday :D We (my parents) bought some little land on a village just 2 hours away from the city and building a house on it currently. Have big plans for the garden! My father is already looking for trees to buy and he wants two goats and a few chicken too :)

I think working with earth is not only a great workout it's also some healing for the mind.

{ALL} for a Better Life said...

Looks great! I hate yardwork, but you are right it is a great workout...

The yard looks great, you are getting stronger everyday and looking good too! Keep it up!

Miki said...

You did a beautiful job on your mother's garden. My husband's the same way in that he loves yardwork. It kills my back, so I stay away. That and I have a brown thumb.

I've found that I have a hard time keeping myself indoors this summer. It's beautiful, why not get out?