Thursday, July 22, 2010



OK I have a 30 day challenge for anyone and everyone! In the past weeks I have talked to alot of amazing people who are trying to lose weight, get healthier, and just reach personal goals. One of the major topics in alot of the conversations has been the scale and how people don't like the number it shows them. I know society pushes use into these beliefs that we need to weigh a certain number to be happy and healthy. I disagree with this belief, I think the feeling you get when you look at yourself should judge how happy and healthy you feel. The scale is just one of MANY tools we can use to measure success.


Everyone will weigh-in sometime Sunday July 25th, preferably in the morning. Starting on Monday July 26th I will challenge everyone to not use a scale for 30 DAYS.  Yes I did just say 30 days!  Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, I think this challenge will be great for everyone. I will be taking part in this challenge also and I want you all to join me. If you are on board then please send me an email with your twitter handle,something you want to accomplish during this challenge, and if you want your starting weight from sunday's weigh-in (optional).  Remember this challenge is for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels!



Anonymous said...

OK dude. I'm in. @draxmina

~LORI~ said...

ok, after what i JUST told you last night about hitting a certain number by this saturday, and being so obsessed with the scale, i think i definitely need this. it will be extremelyyyy difficult for me but i am up for the challenge.

VirgoMommy said...

Ok, I'm in. I'll email you my weight ;)

daretobecome said...

Yep! I'm totally in.

Cassie said...

I'd love to join in, however, I've made my own personal goals to go and weigh in and stay for meetings at Weight Watchers. Perhaps another time when I'm not paying for it ;-) LOL... I think its a great idea! Keep up the good work!

Renée (@lowfatpie) said...

I'm in Alan!

David H. said...

Ah, too bad this overlaps with #awesomebyaugust (see on Twitter), which is sort of the opposite of this. Have fun with it though! I think it's great.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna do it. Oy. I'm nervous! LOL


chicagodaniel said...

I am doing it, I just emailed you my...INFO! HA! Let's do this!!!

Patrick Rodgers said...

I am not a fan of this it may work for some but it would be counter productive for me let me tell you why.

For years I hated the scale, hated it never wanted to know what I weighed this mean from around 1996 to sometime in 2007 I never really had a clue what I weighed because I hated the scale so much that I never weighed myself. So I didn't go 30 days without weighing myself I went 11 years. I broke my thumb at work around March of 1996 and I had to go the Doctor and when they weighed me I was 190 pounds (I still felt fat though oh god how I would kill to be that size again as I was actually in pretty good shape I used to work receiving which was basically me running 4 hours a night pulling a palet jack then throwing freight for another 4 hours, I could run a mile at the time run 2 miles pretty no problem).

The next time I weighed myself was for a work health fair that my wife made me go through with blood pressure, weight, cholesterol the whole nine yards this was around April of 2007 and I weighed 415 pounds.

That summer I joined the pool and started to walk to try and make a change we even bought a scale but it only went to 350 pounds and I could never use it. Nothing really happened as I could not see any progress being made as I could not weigh myself and by November of 2007 I had pretty much abandoned losing weight. I still tried to go for walks but I went completely off kilter.

In January of 2009 I made the new years resolution to lose weight and I was going to lose it this time no excuses. I still could not weight myself but later that month I started donating plasma and they weigh you everytime you donate on January 23rd 2009 I weighed in for the first time at Biolife and 412 pounds. From that point on I got weighed in twice a week as I donated and I begin to look forward to those weighins to see if I was making any progress. Those weighins became the highlights of my week for the first time I could see what all my hard work was achieving. The first time I weighed in at under 40 pounds when I finally lost 50 pounds all that I got to see twice a week.

By the end of August 2009 I was finally able to use my own scale at home as I ended the month weighing under 350 pounds for the first time in I do not know how long since I never weighed myself for 11 years. I broke out of the 300's in January of 2010 and just this month I went under the 250 pound mark probably the first time since around 1997 or 1998 (when I stopped doing receiving and went to desk jobs the first year I probably put on 50 pounds).

I currently weigh 248 pounds and I weigh myself every single morning, its a progress meter for me sure the weight loss has slowed from my 10-14 pound average a month from June 09-March 10 but it still shows me going in the right direction. I lost only 4 pounds in May jumped to 7 in June and am only down 2 in July but it doesn't frustrate me it shows me that I am still losing and that I just need to keep working.

I will never stop using the scale again, I let 11 years pass because I was afraid of what the scale might say I will never let that happen again and I am afraid to ever let that happen again because I do not want to wake up a year later not having weighed myself and for it to say 300 pounds again.

Heather said...

Intriguing concept! I don't know that I could do it!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am in! My friend just convinced me if this we are only doing measurements and will hit the scale 1st of August! I have been stuck in a plateau for 2weeks... I don't want to look at a scale for awhile!! Refuse2Fail!