Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 done...2011 starts..LETS TURN IT UP!!

Its officially 2011 people!! The last year has been quite the roller coaster for me. It was a great year overall. This time last year I had alot of unknowns in my life. I was unemployed and searching for a job in one of the worst job markets and to top it off I was searching for this job in one of the most damaged industries by the recession. Health wise I was doing good, I was spending my time off from work in the gym and was down to 440 lbs from 480 lbs. At the time I was under alot of stress from my job situation, I really had no clue where or what I was going to do, but no matter what I knew I had to keep pushing myself in the gym. I think one of the most important things I learned from last year was that you cant always control every aspect of your life but there will be aspects that you can control and you should concentrate on those instead of always worrying about the ones you cant.

I eventually found a job in August and it turns out that I really enjoy it. The atmosphere is nice and I work with some really cool people. A few months after I started my new job I bought my first house! The whole home buying process went very smooth for me and I am very excited to have my own place to call home.
My First Home
Weight loss wise last year for me was pretty good with a few bumps in the road which I have learned to accept as something normal. Like I said earlier I started off 2010 weighing 440 lbs. when July came around I weighed in at 387! Breaking into the 300's was such a great feeling! But sadly after I started my new job I started to struggle a bit. I had figured out how to live a healthy lifestyle while being unemployed but I had no idea how to do this with a busy work schedule. To be honest it really took me about 4 months to figure things out again, and during those 4 months I fell into old habits. I started overeating again, I binged some, I skipped some workouts, and ultimately I gained some weight back, and to be completely transparent with you the amount of weight that I gained back was 30 lbs. Was I down about? Yes.  Did I give up? HELL NO.

So here we are and its 2011. Whats in the past is in the past, we live and we learn. I have started off this year great and I am looking forward to TURNING IT UP this year. I don't personally do the whole "New Years Resolution" thing anymore but there is something I did do. The other day I was watching my friend @Fitarella's show on the pulse network called Fitarella TV and she mentioned Chris Brogan's idea of choosing three words to guide the rest of your year instead of making new years resolutions and that's what I decided to do.


Honesty - Because I want to be honest with myself in all situations of life. I spent so many years of my life lying to myself and living in denial. No matter what happens, whether its a moment of success or a brief moment of failure I want to be able to be honest with myself.

Resilient - Because no matter what, no matter how bad it gets, now matter how far off track I happen to be, I can and will always bounce back. I choose to bounce back.

Madness - Because when you see me in the gym you are going to think I am a mad man! I am going to do things that nobody thinks I can do, I am going to push myself to limits I didn't know existed.

And last but not least I have crafted a motto for 2011:

When you're tired, keep going!
When it burns, keep pushing!
When you quit, try again!

Thank you for all the support in 2010! Let turn it up and make 2011 unforgettable!


~LORI~ said...

love love love this. you are so strong and sensible and you are equipped with all the tools you need to succeed. so happy for your new job and your new home. you are proving to yourself that you can make anything happen and i am very very happy for you. you have helped me more than you might think, and i am on the SAME road as you are and i know this will be the best year ever. best wishes to you xoxo

Fitarella said...

I Love it. I am so proud of you Alan. You CAN push through ANYTHING no matter what and I am so excited to hear about all of the great things that I know wil be happening for you in 2011! xoxoox

ang said...

Thanks for writing this! I was doing great while unemployed but haven't yet found my footing after going back to work. Glad to know I'm not alone and it can be done. :)

Renee (@lowfatpie) said...

yay!! you are an amazing guy Alan! We all go through these things at different stages of our life and we can all learn from your positive attitude! I'm proud to know you and can't wait to see what you are going to do this year!!

GREAT words, Great motto!

xx Renee

Pam said...

thanks for sharing! we're here for you. 2011 is your year!!!

Phatterri said...

Thanks for the post Alan. By you continuing to fight the good fight, I think that I should continue the fight. You alway seem positive, even during those time of set back, love that about you. Looking forward to the Great things that 2011 has in store you.

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

Wow Alan..I really needed to read this today! It has taken some time, but I'm pushing through even though I don't know what the future holds. I know it's the right choice, but your life is evidence of that.

You're an amazing man with big goals and a kind heart. You're kicking @ss, and I'm so proud to know you.

TJ said...

great post! 2011 is gonna be a great year! :)

Chubby McGee said...

Great post! You're going to win it all this year, mad man!


Kuku said...

Congrats on the job & the new home!!! May it be a great year for you & may each year get only better :)

Heather said...

I came here through twitter and I just wanted to say good job! Your attitude is great. Having yo yo dieted forever myself, I understand how hard it is to pick yourself back up and do it again, but your mind's in the right place. I'm sure you'll have a great year.