Sunday, May 29, 2011

Todays weigh in results!

So I have decided to make Sunday morning my official weight in day. I weighed in last Sunday at a whopping 430 lbs, yes you read that right, I bounced back up to 430 lbs. Why? Its simple.. poor food choices. I worked out consistently but I was constantly making poor food choices and the truth of the matter is you can workout all you want but if you don't make good food decisions it will all be in vain. You can hire all the dietitians and personal trainers you want, they can only give you the tools and its up to you to use them.

This past week I finally decided to use the tools that the people supporting me have given me, and guess what? It felt great and I had a great loss on the scale this morning. Weight loss isn't easy, its something you have to do one choice at a time, one meal at a time, and one workout at a time.

I weighed in at :

A 13.5 lb LOSS (Not typical for every week)
Progress pictures from this morning also:

Working on the Gun Show!

Fitbloggin 2011.... Overall Recap!

Fitbloggin has been over for almost a week now and I am still trying to wrap my head around how AMAZING it was and still searching for the words to describe it and how it has forever changed me. For those of you who don't know Fitbloggin is a conference for bloggers interested in fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle.

I arrived at the hotel in Baltimore around 5 pm, I parked and got my suitcase out of my truck and stood there for a few minutes. I was scared to walk inside and I was seriously considering driving back to North Carolina. Inside I knew I had to walk in, I knew I would always regret it if I didn't. So I walked in!! I was sweating like crazy and anxiously anticipating who I would run into first. I made it all the way to the hotel check in line and didn't really see anyone I recognized. Then I saw Susan (No words to describe Susan's awesomeness) making her way towards me and she gave me a huge hug! I felt so much better after that, still extremely nervous but I was ok. I got all my stuff into my room and headed down to the welcome mixer. This is where I really started to get anxious! I checked in at the registration table and headed to the room where everyone was hanging out. I walked in and I felt so uncomfortable,  I was looking around to see if I knew anyone but I couldn't actually see anyone, I wasn't looking at people directly but looking in between them in an effort to avoid eye contact, its hard to explain. Then I heard someone say Alan, I looked over and it was Tara and Sharla  I felt so relieved inside to see some familiar faces. I instantly walked to them and gave them both hugs (I seriously love both these ladies!). Then slowly and surely I felt more comfortable and I started meeting people who I know from twitter and at the same time meeting people I had never even heard of. I met my roommates Jess and Sean (Both are amazing). By the end of the night I started to realize that Fitbloggin was going to be something good, something that would make a direct positive impact in my life.

The morning part of Day 1 was filled with activities like a 5k/1mile mile, Kettlebell Demos, Zumba class (a personal favorite), resistance training demo, and other fitness type activities. I participated in the 1 mile walk in the morning and then attended the kettlebell demo. Afterwards I did Zumba! Now the Zumba class was a milestone for me. I have taken the class plenty of times in my gym but they always teach them with the lights off, this Zumba class was with the lights on and I wasn't in the back row as I usually am. I felt kinda nervous as we were waiting to start but as the music came on and the booty shaking started I found myself feeling very comfortable and I had a great time! By the time we were done I was ready for lunch and nice shower. The afternoon part of Day 1 was filled with panel discussions about branding and blogging. Day 2 was filled with panel discussions about blogging, eating, branding, video blogging, analytics, and much more. So much great information was shared and I walked away looking at my blog in a whole new light.

Overall the conference was an amazing experience! I met so many amazing people and the positive energy was out of this world. Everyone was so warm, welcoming, and so supportive. There were so many stories and experiences shared. So many friendships and memories made that will last a lifetime. I cannot not wait for Fitbloggin 2012!  I will definitely be there, hopefully a little less of me than this year ;-)

Check out some pics below:

Fortune Cookie I got the night before I left for Fitbloggin!
View of Baltimore from my hotel room
Jump lump crab cakes .. mmmmmm


Josie and me! Love her! 

Emily and me! She will be a friend for life! 

Jess and me! We are in it to win it!! 
LOL Popchips future spokesperson! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Wall Came Down!

Breaking down physical walls is easy, you can bulldoze it, jack hammer it, or even blow it up! Mental walls aren't that easy. Have you ever seen yourself doing something in your head?  You visualize it, you know exactly how its supposed to look but when you attempt to do it something holds you back.

This is how my relationship with squats has been since my early twenties. I remember doing squats galore when I was in high school as part of my football training but over time my weight became to much and my knees starting troubling me. Bending down was painful and I eventually just stopped putting my body in positions which put pressure on my knees. I mean honestly 2 years ago I could barely walk up a flight of stairs, I would have to do it one step at a time to minimize the pain. About a year ago I started to run up stairs with ease but I still couldn't do the squats. I would visualize myself doing them, then I would get under the bar, stand up and get my stance right, then I would start to go down and I would always stop bending my knees about half way down and start bending my back because I thought my knees would buckle underneath me, I was scared to push myself.

Just 3 weeks ago I tried doing squats again and I even videotaped myself. As you can see from the video below I am doing most of the bending in my back and not in my legs!! I just couldn't bend my knees, my brain wouldn't tell my body to do it.

Since I couldn't do real squats I tried doing bench squats like in the video below. I could do these but I knew they didn't equal a real squat. Even while doing the bench squats I was always still hesitant because of my knees. My movements weren't controlled, I was literally sitting/falling down into the bench because I was scared to put pressure on my knees.

I always could see myself doing squats in my head but I could never execute. It was very frustrating, the image of me doing them was crystal clear in my head but my body wouldn't listen. The new weight lifting routine I started 3 weeks ago called for squats and I just couldn't do them. BUT a few things have changed in the last few weeks. 

A friend of mine who is helping with my lifting routines told me 3 weeks ago, "the only way to build those knees up is to move them". That has been in my head for the last 3 weeks and it made perfect sense but I still held back some. Then yesterday I had a very supportive friend who gave me some inspiration just before I headed to the gym to workout.  I got to the gym and I felt really good, I felt confident. I did my warm up on the treadmill and headed to the weight room. I stood in front of the squat rack and was getting ready to set up the bench so I could do my bench squats ( my way of cheating) when I just started to visualize myself in my head doing a real squat. I had done this many times before but this time was different, I was ready. I basically told myself screw it! Your going for it! If your knees give out then they give out!  So I went for it!!! and.................... watch the video below :)

I did it! It was F*#%ing amazing! I went down as far as I physically could, my knees didn't give out and they actually felt very strong! It was like they had been waiting for me to test them a little bit. Looking at the video I can see some areas I need to work on form wise but its a start! The mental wall came tumbling down, I swear I almost let out a scream of joy as I did that first rep!  I did 5 sets of 5 reps and afterwards I felt great, my knees literally felt great. I cant explain the feeling, I just cant. Its like my knees have changed after that first rep, maybe they did, maybe its all in my head, I don't know. I do know that whatever was holding me back is gone. I do know that my ass will be in the gym tomorrow doing some more squats! A lot of people hate doing squats, I hated not being able to do them...

Thank you Janessa, Antonio, and Dana, you have all made a difference in me getting through this wall.