Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Susan G. Komen 5k ..... A year later!

Last Saturday I had the honor of participating in the Susan G. Komen 5k with a group of wonderful people. Sue and I were still coming off our Fitbloggin 2011 buzz when we started talking about doing a fitness event together since we live close to each other. Ultimately we decided to walk the race for the cure. Once we started tweeting about this JennCasey, and Bryan all decided to join the team!

My Team!
This was my third 5k walk, my first 5k was actually the Komen 5k that I did last year. I remember being so nervous about the race last year. I was feeling really self conscious and was worried about what people would think. This year was a different experience for me. I will admit I felt a little anxious when I walked up to event to look for my team, but once I found Sue I knew everything was going to be ok. Eventually our team all found each other and we made our way towards the start line.

It was so hot that morning that before the race even started I was sweating like crazy!

Approaching the start line!

The race streamed live on the local news channel and I found the clip right as we passed the start line!

Last year during this race I had one thing on my mind, and that was finishing the race in 1 hour. This year I wasn't concerned with time at all. It was more about meeting a group of friends and us all participating in a fitness activity together. So thats what we did, we walked, talked, laughed, and we had a great time.

This lady walked the race in high heels!
Rounding the corner at the 1 mile marker which happens to be in front of my old college stomping grounds! Go PACK!
We all stayed together and made sure nobody was left behind. I told all my team members that I was a slow walker and the whole race they accused me of lying about that! Maybe I am becoming a fast walker??  I do know one thing, last year this walk was hard for me. Last year at about mile marker two I thought I was going to die, my feet were killing me, my legs felt heavy. This year I felt totally different, I didn't feel tired, my feet didn't hurt and my legs felt strong! I remember telling Sue that it was easy this year. Of course she blamed it on the great company that I had, and she was right to an extent :-)

There were more than 25,000 people at the event!
I can deal with that ;-)
Down the home stretch!

Overall it was a great morning! I spent it with amazing people and I am glad I decided to participate. Like I said before I did this race last year and since then I haven't really lost a significant amount of weight but I feel different. I am stronger mentally and physically, that is a fact. In the last year I stopped really caring about what other people think, whether I am in the gym or walking a 5k I am out there for myself and nobody else.  Every time I do an event like this I gain a little more confidence and I get a little more closer to reaching my weight loss goals. This weight loss path has been tough but I have a positive outlook on it. I feel like in the past I would worry about "IF" I could do it and now I feel like I know I can do it, it just going to take time.

Check out the video clips I took from the race below:


Emily Sandford said...

What an awesome group to do a 5K with! That's awesome you guys had a great time, and that you could tell that you've made progress. Keep on growing that confidence - the world is yours! (ok, is that cheesy? totally don't mean it to be!)

A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes said...

Awwww that is so awesome!! You are such a sweetheart and I had some really amazing company for my first 5k thanks to you & Sue and my boys. You are so a fast walker, I felt like a snail! LOL! I look forward to doing another with you guys. I love your motivation & confidence, you can most certainly do anything you set your mind to. *hugs*

Brittany said...

So fun! Glad ya'll had a great time :) I kind of like the flute guy even though i may have wanted to hit him!

rebecca said...

Isn't it great to see how much you've progressed in a year? Sometimes I think being mentally fit is just as important as being physically fit, and you are both!
The '09 Komen 5K was my first ever 5K. I'll never forget the feeling of crossing the finish line. It might as well have been a marathon to me!

Tiffany @ Simply Shaka said...

I love those walks, especially doing them with friends! As a chick who despises high heels, I cringe when I look at that picture. Team flip flop or sneakers all the way!!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Great job! It's awesome that you guys were out there doing something active!

Renee @pinkypie said...

well done *again* Alan! so nice that you participate in these things and have the opportunity to share the experience with others AND be able to reflect on all your progress!

Patty @ A Day in My NYC said...

Congratulations on a fantastic day! :) Thanks for sharing it!