Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you dread stairs?

What do most people think of when they see stairs? Most probably don't think twice but being overweight changes all that.

Three years ago I dreaded stairs! My knees just couldn't take them, they would crack, they hurt and going up a small flight of stairs felt like I was running a marathon. At the time this was a huge problem considering I was working as a onsite Construction Project Engineer and I was constantly out in the field going up stairs and climbing ladders. Most of the time I had to do stairs one at a time because of my knees.

 I remember one day my Project Manager told me I needed to set up a punchlist walk with the Owner's Representative for one of the buildings we were building. Now mind you this wasn't a normal building, it was a massive 30 story warehouse type building that housed extensive mechanical systems that are supposed to help the power plant reduce emissions from burning coal. The walk through included checking every door in the building to make sure they worked properly and that they weren't damaged. My stomach was in knots because there was doors all over this building, it wasn't like you just go straight up a flight of stairs and check each one. The stairs winded throughout the building with all kinds of cat walks and platforms. I swear I thought I was going to die that day! I lugged all 480 lbs of me up, down, and across that building for almost 3.5 hours in the middle of the summer. I felt so embarrassed inside because I knew the people who were with me that day knew I was struggling. What was I supposed to say to by boss thought? No I cant because I am too big? 

I look back on that day and find myself thankful that I went through it, its helps me appreciate today a lot more. Reason being that even though I am still in the low 400 lb range I can RUN upstairs now with no pain at all, I might be breathing heavy when I get to the top but I still can do it.

And actually you know what I would love to do one day that involves stairs? I want to take the stairs to the top of this beautiful building in Chicago. Who can arrange that? :-)

Willis Tower aka Sears Tower

What challenges have you over come lately? What challenges are you working on overcoming?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Small Changes..

Today I wanted to talk about something I am proud of, its nothing huge but to me it means a lot. 

A few weeks ago I was eating lunch in the break room at work and I looked up and noticed the vending machine in my face. I thought to myself I have been working here for almost a year and I have never even thought about this machine, I mean I had seen it but it just never caught my full attention. 

I then thought about how a couple of years ago this wouldn't have been the case, a couple of years ago this machine would have haunted me. I would of had to have something out of it, something to make me feel good inside. I remember whenever I would stay at a hotel I would load up before I headed up to my room for the night. You know of course I needed some chips to munch on while I watched TV, then of course I need something sweet for after dinner, and I couldn't forget that late night snack. I mean I was in a hotel so if I got hungry late at night I would surely have to have something to eat!!! 

I feel like I have changed so much in the last two years. Am I were I want to be yet? No. But I am well on my way. The vending machines don't haunt me anymore.

And actually the other day I found myself in front of it looking to purchase something. It was 10 am which is when I have my morning snack, I looked in my cooler to pull out my hummus and rice cakes when I realized I had left all my snacks at home on the counter! (hate when that happens). I did however remember the hummus but I had nothing to eat it with so I thought HMMMM let me check out the vending machine. So after haggling a co worker  for some loose change I made my way to the break room to see what my choices were. So I scrolled through carefully weighing my options, I ended up going with the pretzels which I could use to dip in my hummus.

Bottom line it's the small things that make the big differences in this fight!

What are you proud of lately? I want to know..

Checking In - 8/1/2011