Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Reasons to Fight...

The number reason I fight everyday is for myself!   I am also very proud and happy to say I have another 5 great reasons to fight and those are my nieces and nephews. I adore them all and I treasure every second I get to spend with them. They bring me so much joy and I want to be around for them for as long as I can. I want to watch the grow, learn, and love life.  They constantly remind me of why I cant give up, why I can let up, and why I cant walk away...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Didn't Hear No Bell...

I feel like I have written this exact blog post a million times. About two months ago I hurt my back and I was basically out of the gym for a solid four weeks resting my back. Did I enjoy sitting out for that period of time? No, but I really had no choice. During that time I did my best to concentrate on my food and nutrition since that was really all I could do, and lets be honest it was a daily battle.

Fast forward to one month ago my back is all healed up and I am ready to get back in the gym! I start back with my workouts but I felt drained, no motivation and overall just fed up. My confidence was way down, I started to feel extremely self conscious in the gym again and I started skipping workouts. When I start to slack in the gym I usually start to slack on my nutrition and from there it just snow balls. The worse thing for me is down time. Once I am out of my routine for an extended period of time its always a bloody battle for me to get back into it.

 Another thing I lose during down time is my confidence! When I am in the gym I need that confidence, I need to be able to walk around the gym like I own the place, I need to be able to look all the fit people in the eye and say YES I am using that and NO I am not done. Of course nobody likes a cocky A-Hole in the gym but internally I need that edge because if I have that 1 ounce of uncertainty in myself then I wont give it my all.

For me.... right now..... at this time....... my food choices and workouts go hand in hand. When one is missing the other suffers. I cant explain why but I just know thats how my mind and body operate at the moment.

Like I said before I feel like I have written this exact blog post a million times, maybe it takes a million and one times, or maybe a million and two or three? I don't know the answer but I know I will keep writing it for as long as I need to. 

Picking myself up...... You are not starting over Alan you are just getting back in the boxing ring..... you didn't hear a bell did you? Didn't think so!