Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight Loss Success Story - Morgan!

Another success story!  My friend Morgan is proof that it can be done. I hope you enjoy her story.

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram: @morgantollen

1. Why did you decide to change your lifestyle to a more healthy one & lose weight?
 I decided to change my lifestyle because I was tired of being the "overweight" sibling and I was constantly having to order jean sizes offline because they didn't carry them in the store. I wanted to look good. Before my mom died, she lost a lot of weight by working out and becoming a personal trainer, so I knew i could do it.

2. How and what changes did you make?
I went completely paleo-minimal fruit, no starches or grains, no sugar. 

3. What have been the hardest and easiest parts of this journey?
Hardest was eating out- its so hard to find a restarurant that will accompany to your needs. I just said I was allergic to butter after a while. The easiest part was looking at the scale 
every couple of days and seeing results!

4. How has your life changed?
My life has done a complete 180, people notice me, I LOVE being healthy and working out, I get up in the morning knowing theres a purpose to my life. I LIKE going shopping and looking good.

5. What advice would you give to others trying to become more healthy?
Don't give up!!! I always used to give up on diets because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted to, but keep going. 

Before & After! 


Patty said...

Such an inspiration! Congratulations Morgan! :)

Bozena Randy said...

Wow! This is an excellent post. I am really so happy after seeing this post. Bcoz I am fat. So it's good news to me. I will try to slim. Thanks for posting