Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are you Hungry?

I stumbled upon this picture on Facebook this morning and my first thought was, "wait what?!" I started to think about it for a few minutes and I came to the realization that this was very true for me in most cases. As someone who has struggled with food addiction/binging in the past I have learned to recognize when I am wanting food because I am just stressed and when I am wanting food because I am actually hungry. When I am craving food to cure stress I NEVER want anything healthy, I always want pizza, burgers, chinese, anything greasy and super filling. When I leave the gym after an intense workout I usually feel like I am starving! With that feeling I can't wait to get home and have my protein shake, fish, chicken, veggies, or any healthy meal I have waiting for me at home. I don't know why its like this, I just know that its important that I always think before I eat. I ask myself Why am I eating this? Do I need to eat this? Am I ok with eating this?  This has greatly helped me in my weight loss. That doesn't mean that I never eat unhealthy foods, I am human just like everyone else. The key to me is as long as I can answer those three questions honestly with myself no matter what I am eating then I will be ok.

I am currently craving a huge bowl of satueed spinach, cant wait for Dinner :-)


Renee @pinkypie said...

great reminder Alan. I seem to only eat junk when I'm stressed, namely chocolate. I am totally going to ask myself these questions next time!!

Tiera said...

This is great advice! Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing weather or not I'm actually hungry, or just having a craving -- or even if my brain is just telling me to each because it's "lunch time". Now I know how to figure it out :)