Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The "Girl" Pushup

What in the world is a "girl" pushup?! .... Don't answer that. I know what it is implied to mean but why is it called that? For those of you who don't know what a so called "girl" pushup is see the pic below.

Source: Ladyfitness.net
I recently did my first "real man" pushup for the first time in my whole life. Before that all I could do was the "girl" pushups. All those years that I was doing the "girl" pushups I never understood why people called them that. I have seen plenty of women who can do "man" pushups and I have seen plenty of men that can only do "girl" pushups. Why is there a gender placed with it? In my opinion they are all just different variations of PUSHUPS.

Now some will say it is called a "girl" pushup because women naturally don't have a upper body as strong as men but like I said before I have seen PLENTY of women who can do normal pushups with ease. It took me almost 30 years to build the strength I need to do a normal pushup and I weighed 380 pounds when I did it! It never really bothered me that people would call my modified pushups "girl" pushups, it just bothered me that the easier modified version of a pushup was labeled a "girl" pushup. I have seen ALOT of amazing women athletes who can blow away a lot of men!

I feel like if I keep writing I am going to start rambling. My point is lets drop the "girl" from the pushup. It's a modified pushup.... bottom line. Man or Woman can each benefit from them as they are a great stepping stone to doing normal pushups.

That's my 2 cents!


Helen said...

I agree! Right now because of the boot I have to wear on my foot, modified pushups are all I'm able to do. I'm not one bit ashamed of that either!!

Cara said...

Great point!

T said...

They are actually KNEE PUSH-UPS - and you are so right there are MANY variations of push-ups and not gender specific. This is one thing I never call it.

Here's another one that bothers me. Why is it a "cheat meal" when maybe it should really be labeled "junk meal". My JUNK MEAL is very beneficial in my progress... therefore I'm not cheating - it's part of my program.

"If you believe it you will achieve it." We forget we're constantly sending ourselves messages by how we talk and think.

The right program designed the right way could have ANY "MAN" (or woman) crying from KNEE push-ups!

Patty said...

I never thought of it but I agree!

Well said! :)

Yum Yucky said...

amen! What da HELL is a girl pushup? Screw all that mis-naming of exercises. hehe.
today I did dive bombers. My shoulders are like, whoa!!!

Stefanie said...

You tell 'em, Alan!!!!!

bbubblyb said...

I totally agree too!!!

Chris Narbone said...

Great point and now that I saw your post I went through a few mobile apps I use for workouts and they have push-ups and modified push-ups.

There's actually an advantage to the modified push-up. If you ever get tightness in your elbows the modified push-up can take the stress off.


Meg said...

Uh... I can't even do a "girl" pushup properly. I have a mental block on how my arms are supposed to "go". It's very amusing to watch me do pushups, apparently. Rock on though - who cares how it's done - you're doing it, and honestly? there are lots of people who won't even try!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

i don't like the genderification of exercises...
I do "girl pushups" because it's unsafe for my lower back to do "man pushups."

I do not punch like a girl
I do not throw like a girl

But man, I kick ass like a girl.

jimmiesworld.org said...

I remember my excitement at being able to do both kinds of push ups properly. You shoulda heard me roar! Nice blog, btw.