Thursday, November 29, 2012

One of Those Weeks...

No real easy way to say this but I had a really bad week last week. I knew it was Thanksgiving and I knew I would be out of town most of the week but I didn't expect to feel so unmotivated. The first part of the week I was just getting over a sinus infection and hadn't really done much for a few days. I started to feel better on Tuesday but the feelings of not wanting to do anything really didn't go away all week.

Wednesday afternoon my Mama, Sister, and I all piled into my truck and headed north to spend Thanksgiving with my Sister who lives in Baltimore. I woke up Thursday morning and started my Thanksgiving with a workout. My Coach Amer wanted me to take a week off from weightlifting to give my body a break so I just went for a 4 mile walk that morning. While on my walk I told myself that I was going to enjoy a nice meal that night with my family and not freak out about calories and food choices, I just wanted to enjoy being with my family without constantly thinking about what I was going to eat and what I should and shouldn't eat. That is exactly what I did and I enjoyed it, we had a wonderful time together. 

The problem was that my care free attitude and unmotivated feelings carried through to Friday. I did wake up Friday Morning and get a quick workout in. Honestly I wanted to stop about 10 minutes into the workout but I kept going but that was my last workout of the week. Food wise I really didn't watch was I was eating, I mean I knew what I was doing and exactly what I was eating but I just didn't stop myself. There is really no excuse for it at all, in the past I would say "Oh I am out of town and its hard to controls what I eat", That was an EXCUSE. The truth is I chose not to eat the right foods, I chose not to workout, I chose to have that bad week. 

With all that being said I did not have a weigh in this week. I never really weigh myself after a road trip anyways because I always retain additional water when I travel and after the week I had I am glad I didn't weigh in. I know I had a gain, I am not OK with it but I am also not going to beat myself up over having a bad week. It's happened to me before and as I have in the past I will get through it. The gain is not what really upsets me the most, the fact that I felt like I was out of control with my food is what upsets me. It's been a good while since I have felt that out of control feeling.

Last night I called Amer to talk about last week and he said something that stood out to me, he said "You know what you have to do and you know how to do it". He is 100% right about that! I know exactly how to turn things back around in the right direction and thankfully I have done so this week. I am back to my normal workouts and eating the foods I need to be eating. I am not sure what the scale has in store for me this week but no matter happens I will keep moving forward. I always tell myself I don't need perfection, I just need a winning record...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lifetime Fitness Cafe Review!

Check out my review of the Lifetime Fitness Cafe! 

FTC DISCLOSURE: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy & Plus Size Clothes

Imagine you lost all your clothes over night? As someone who is larger this would put me in a very tough situation since I cannot just walk into any store and find clothes that fit. Please if you have ANY clothes especially plus sized clothes please consider donating them to Hurricane Sandy victims.