Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Losing my mind.... just a little bit.

You see about a week and a half ago I started feeling ill at work, you know the chills and body aches, all the fun stuff. So I went to the doctor and they said it's probably bronchitis, that was on a Friday. They gave me my meds and I went home to rest for the weekend. The next day I felt worse, and on Sunday I felt like death! Monday rolled around and I called the Doctor and said I feel really bad, I need to come back in. The nurse said you know lets just prescribe some more meds and see how you feel..... UM NO, how about I come back in and get reevaluated?  seriously I hate being on meds in general!

So I go back in and badda bing badda boom I am in the early stages of pneumonia! Honestly I had no idea what it was other than I remember my Mama getting it when I was really young and she had to be hospitalized. So I get a steroid treatment, new meds, and an inhaler. Oh and by the way you will need 2-3 weeks to fully recover and you can't workout until then.

Insert my wth face.

Then I remembered I had a Triathlon a week way which I was going to have to pull out of. I had organically planned to do the whole race but then switched to a relay team since the race was in the middle of Ramadan but I still wanted to experience my first open water swim. Honestly what I am most frustrated about is the forced inactivity. It's not even about weight loss it's just that working has become part of my life. I enjoy it and it helps keep me grounded in life. On top of that I have been eating horribly for the last week and half. Real talk here, sorry but when I am sick the last thing I am thinking about is eating sensibly.

At the same time all this laying around has given me a lot of time to think about my life and where it is headed. There are just a lot of things I am not happy about it in my life. I don't complain about them on Facebook or anything like that because that's just not my style. I share a lot about my life to the online world but there is another huge part of me that I keep to myself because that is just how I am wired. I have a hard time asking for help or reaching out to others because there were so many times when all I had was myself to rely on and I just had to deal with it.

Anyways I am just rambling now. My Doctor actually just called me a few minutes ago to check up on me and I told her I was losing it. I asked her if I could just do some light walking? She said yes as long as I was feeling ok. I have the rest of this week to finish my meds and then I need 4-5 days of being off of them before I can resume my normal type activity.

Did I mention I have a Tough Mudder Race in Canada in 24 days?! More on that later!


Valerie O. said...

Ugh - I'm so frustrated with/for you! Maybe the forced inactivity has been good, in a way, since it's making you think about things and evaluate those things in live you're unhappy with. And your history proves that when you're not happy with something, you have the drive and determination to deal with it! I will be hoping you get better quickly. In the meantime, give yourself some grace, do some walking if you feel okay, and let us know if/how e can help!

Jules said...

Oh man, I totally feel ya. And I've been there... feeling like shit makes it easier to eat like shit. I do hope you get better soon.. but I agree - walking is a great idea. I've found that my body will usually heal sooner if I keep it moving, even if I'm only walking. Too intense of a workout, I've found, doesn't really help.. if I even feel like it! Anyways.. like I said, I hope you feel better soon. Keep walking (if you're up for it).. drink a ton of water.. and try your best to eat right. :) :)

Jill (Lady Lazarus) said...

Oh man, I can't even imagine how hard that would be!

But yay on the upcoming Tough Mudder!

Denise Elliott said...

It's funny how much forced inactivity messes with our heads - I've been there recently, too. Being aware of it and just observing your reactions to learn what's at the center of your eating might help even beyond these weeks while you recuperate. So sorry about your triathlon!

deb roby said...

OK, being as you're an athlete, you are not in an inactive state YOU ARE HEALING AND RECOVERING.

What do you do when you recover? You do gentle movement (like walking) and eat healthy. Eat enough calories to fuel your healing- protein, healthy fats, energy-giving carbs.

When you start moving again, you are going to find that this forced rest period has helped you in so many ways! You will probably be BETTER prepared for this Tough Mudder than if you hadn't had gotten ill in the first place.

A recovery period of less than a month does not lead to a loss in fitness. It usually leads to better performance.

That said, heal soon!

Alexis said...

I love the GIF you used! That was hilarious. There are a lot of times I feel like that at work especially working in the health field.

Toledo Lefty said...

I am so with you with this:

"Honestly what I am most frustrated about is the forced inactivity. It's not even about weight loss it's just that working has become part of my life. I enjoy it and it helps keep me grounded in life."

Hoping you heal quickly and have the energy to tackle those other issues.

MA BA said...

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