Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am not qualified!

I get a lot of messages and email from people, some just want to say hello, some want to vent, some want support, and some want meals plans. I try to help everyone and anyone who reaches out to me in any way I can but there is one thing I will not do….. Create meals plans.

It’s not because I don’t care or don’t want to help you, it’s because I am simply NOT qualified to make legally and morally make meals plans for anyone. Yes I could easily start putting together plans for people based on what I believe they should be eating, I could even charge them money for this service and make a nice side business, I know MANY people who would pay. BUT I also enjoy a clear conscience and being able to rest easy at night. I could not live with myself knowing that I was doing a disservice to people and possible putting their lives and health at risk.

Look at this this way when your car needs service do you take it to the local hardware store? When are feeling sick do you call your hair dresser? So why are people all over the interest paying unqualified people to create meals plans for them? Just because someone has lost a lot of weight, has a six pack, or competes on stage does not mean they are qualified to take control of your health. In fact most of these people are just recycling meals plans they find online or got from someone else and selling them as their own. If you are getting a meal plan from someone is should be designed for YOU and YOUR lifestyle and YOUR Body. I am not saying everyone selling fitness advice is out to get you but please make sure you are dealing with qualified individuals. Ask for references, proof of certifications, search the internet on them. And also if you do end up working with someone and somewhere along the way your gut instinct tells you something is wrong here then don't be afraid to speak up or walk away! Remember they work for YOU. 

So please be careful out there. If I want my opinion on something you’re doing I have no issues with giving it, just remember at the end of the day it’s an opinion.

 Don’t think because I won’t create a meal plan for you that I don’t care, the reason I won’t is because I do care, I care more than most people. 



Jeremy Logsdon said...

I think this is such a good point, and I respect and admire you for it. I'm frequently horrified at how often I see people selling "their expertise" on this or that diet related, but they don't have the credentials to back it up. When people's health is on the line, you need to go to a professional, not someone on the internet who just happened to have gone down the road before you.

Coco said...

I love your honesty! I think meal plans should be designed by registered dieticians who know your personal situation - not just your age + BMI. Plus, there are so many different ways to lose weight -- what works for one person might not work for another.

Denise Elliott said...

Excellent post, Alan! Even within the community of registered professionals, it's important to find someone whose beliefs about food and nutrition mirror your own, and who will create plans that work for YOUR body's needs, not just whatever their pet plan is.

Jody - Fit at 56 said...

I so agree with you! I get a lot of questions on food & working out. I always preface it with I am not a certified trainer or doc & not a dietician so..... and go from there & ask them to consult with a doc or certified professional first to be safe...

War Maiden said...

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Becoming Supersonic said...

Really great post! I think we are all so bombarded by information these days that it's tempting to turn to google or our peers for health advice...which can be a good starting point. We are all different so embrace your individuality and find out what works for you! Thanks for writing this one, really important.

Troy M said...

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