Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sir, Do you like Jeans?

There I was shopping trying to find some clothes for my trip to NYC. Mainly I was looking for a jacket and some sport pants. The sales lady came to check on me.

Sales Lady: Sir are you finding everything ok?

Me: Yes, Thank you.

Sales Lady: Have you seen our jeans? They are on sale.

Me: Hmm I don't wear jeans.

Sales Lady: Why not?

Me: Honestly I have always felt like I was too big for jeans, they just don't fit me right.

Sales Lady: I think I have a pair you will like, just try them on.

Me: Ok

So she gave me a couple pairs and said one of these should fit you. I run of to the dressing room preparing myself for the same disappointment I have felt over the years. I try on the first pair….. Too tight in the butt (#FirstWorldBigButtProblems). I tried on the second pair not really expecting them to fit. I slide them on and kind of stood there dumbfounded for a second….. These kinda feel good. Dressing room was kind of dark so I thought let me step outside into the light. I walked around looking at myself in the mirrors kind of in shock…. They FIT and they felt good. It was like I was on my very own episode of SAY YES TO THE JEANS.

End of the Story: I own a pair of jeans now, it's only been 15 plus years since that has been true.