Dolores said...

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watch what milk you buy, make sure its raw or free of hormones n steroids, n antibiotics it reduces fat in upper chest. We girls like it but men usually don't.
Substitute potatoes for bread. Potatoes have insoluble fiber so if you have constipation issues you won't anymore.
You can make your own bread out of coconut flour, tapioca flour, or potatoes.
Check out the Paleo diet for tips on your diet.
If your not already on it, this will improve your weightloss.
My son Thomas lost 175lbs since January, no bread 4-15 minute stretching session per day. He was much heavier than you when he started.

Adrianne Derozin said...

check this out this really works

Henry Tran said...

Hey man, great site. I'm really impressed at your efforts and journey. Great recipes as well! I would love to feature your blog one day if you would be interested in linking to one of my recipes.. I have some specifically for fall! Check it out here:

Best of luck in your endeavors,